Our Company

M&W Welding is a family-owned business that was launched in 1979. Founder, Mervin McDanel, was out in his shop constructing a hay trailer for himself. After finishing the trailer he began making bale movers, and before long he was building a livestock trailer for a neighbor. At that point he realized that building trailers was what he wanted to do and started our company, M&W Welding.

Mervin's passion to build a quality product to fit his customers' needs and to ensure the utmost in customer service has brought many more customers to his shop door. This passion has been passed down for 3 generations and is embedded into the companies motto.

What makes M&W Welding unique from any other company is the wide span of services we offer. Not only building quality trailers, bale movers, and custom trailers, we also offer a quality repair and service department. M&W will service a trailer completely including but not limited to bearing cleaning and repacking, brake work, and trailer wiring. M&W also carries a large line of trailer parts and truck accessories for your convenience. If you are looking for a quality product that meets your personal specifications, M&W Welding is the place to find it.

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