M & W Attachments

M&W Welding offers the highest quality tractor attachments and skid loader attachments, with the strength and durability to tackle even the toughest jobs. We offer front end bale movers, rear end bale movers, bale unrollers, pallet forks, and stump buckets.

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Front End Bale Movers

All front end bale movers are made with 3 1/2" square tubing, with two 3500 pound rated replaceable bale spears.

We offer a wide selection of hookups to fit your tractor: 760-780 Euro Mount, New Holland 840, 56-72LB New Holland, John Deere 265, John Deere 640-740 Classic, John Deere 541, John Deere 540, John Deere 542, John Deere H360, John Deere H480, JD 522, John Deere 148-158, John Deere 673 Global, Woods 215, Bob Cat, Skid Steer, Westendorff TA 28, Westendorff TA 26, Westendorff 340, Westendorff WL 42, Westendorff WL 40, Westendorff TA 700, Westendorff TA 46, and Allied Loaders

Rear End Bale Movers

Rear end bale movers made with 3 1/2" square tubing and 3500 pound rated replaceable spears. All 3-point bale spears come with a gooseneck hitch and 2 5/16" ball. You can also have bumper hitch, both hitches, or no hitch. Made to fit all 3 point hook ups. Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, and Quick Hitch.

Bale Unroller

The bale unroller frame is made with 3" square tubing, 1 3/16" pins to pivot the arms, and is made to fit 3-point hook up. The unroller has to have a 8" stroke cylinder, which is not included with the unroller. All 3-point bale unrollers come equipped with 4 stands that assist with easy hook up.

Stump Bucket

The M&W stump bucket is designed for tree and stump removal, made with 1/2" thick material. The stump bucket is double bitted with bucket teeth on the end making it easier to break the ground, and with serrated teeth along the sides of the bucket for cutting and ripping the roots.

Pallet Forks

M&W pallet forks are made with 3 1/2" square tubing, with two adjustable 4200 pound rated forks - 42" and 48". All pallet fork attachments come standard with 16" safety rack.

M&W Root Rake

Skid loader attachment used to removed tree roots. This piece of equipment works great with the M&W stump bucket. After removing the trees with the stump bucket hook onto the root rake and completely remove any left behind roots rocks or rubbish.

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